Make Lists with Any.Do!

small__985725985Are you a list-lover? Do you wake up in the morning with a list of things to do on your mind? Do you feel antsy until you can put actually put this list down on paper? Does ticking items off said list give you that overwhelming feeling of satisfaction? You’re not alone. List-makers are more organized, have better time-management skills, and often get more stuff done in a day than non-listers. Give yourself a pat on the back, then. You deserve it.

Now, let’s take your list-making skills a step further. You my have noticed by now that putting your lists on paper can be a hassle sometimes. For starters, you can easily lose said piece of paper in your pocket, your bag, or on a countertop where you might have left it. (hey, it happens, you’re a very busy person and these things can slip your mind.) Plus, when that list is done, that piece of paper pretty much turns to scrap, and it’s the trash bin for it.

If you’ve ever wondered if there was a much more economical and more environment-friendly way to make your lists, Any.Do is here for you. This app is great for both your web browser and your smartphone. With just a few clicks, it will keep your tasks for you in a handy list, and it lets you categorize them according to urgency. You can even set an alarm for yourself, just in case you need a reminder. You can also take your list anywhere with you on your phone! It’s a versatile app that can boost your productivity.

photo credit: sunshinecity via photopin cc