DreamWorks Original Series for Kids Soon on Internet TV

Antz, Shrek and Shrek 2, The Prince of Egypt and Madagascar. They’re all animated creations of this renowned company called DreamWorks Animation and they’re among the most well loved by kids.

Indeed, the people behind DreamWorks have proven that they can compete with Walt Disney and other animated film producers. They never cease to come up with great entertainment for kids and adults alike with their amazing film productions. And for the kids, their movies are worth watching over and over again even just on the small screen.


Now for some good news, this movie making company is set to launch an original series meant for kids by end of this year. Entitled Turbo F.A.S.T. (Fast Action Stunt Team), the film inspired by Turbo will first premiere on July 19 before it airs on TV in December.

The story of this animated series revolves around a snail named Turbo that gained a power to move superfast after meeting an accident. With his new power of speed, the snail then becomes competitive racing against cars in the Indianapolis 500. Turbo here looks up to his hero racing champ Guy Gagne and wishes to have the speed that snails are not known for. Often feeling embarrassed in his community, he was desperate to escape his slow-paced life. Actors Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Reynolds (who will voice the garden snail), Snoop Dogg and Paul Giamatti are the lead stars in the movie.

On online TV, the series will air on Netflix which is currently in the process of expanding its programming. The network’s first original series “House of Cards” which stars Kevin Spacey had been a huge success. As a provider of online on-demand streaming media, Netflix is now finding ways to offer something new to its subscribers amid a tight competition with Amazon and Apple.

DreamWorks is also happy to announce that it will add more feature films to Netflix this year. The partnership will involve web streaming over pay television and it is said to be the first of its kind between a major Hollywood supplier and a TV network. Reports have it that the deal was struck at a cost of $30 million.

So moms and dads out there looking for great children’s shows for your kids, do not forget to tune in to Netflix and watch out for DreamWorks’ Turbo F.A.S.T. The launching will be just in time for Christmas which is a great holiday treat for the kids.

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