My Scene

medium_3697785107If you’ve always wanted to share with the whole world the excellent places you’ve been to, what you loved about it, and even some recommendations about the place, It’s high time you tried out apps that do exactly that. Twitter has been one of the earliest websites and apps that allow you to share where you’re tweeting with your followers, ad provide a picture if you feel like it. Now, there are a bevy of other apps that not only show your global location, but also serve as another form of social media.

Foursquare is the best-known location-sharing app. Here’s how it works – every time you ping from a location as read by your GPS, you “check in” to the location. the app encourages you to be hyper-specific about where you’re at, so the more details – the city and building you’re in, what floor you’re on, what activity you’re doing – the better. If your phone’s other to-do lists just aren’t cutting it, you can make your own private to-do list on Foursquare, and make recommendations to your other friends about this location, such as what dishes to try, if the place has any great promos going on, and more.

photo credit: crsan – via photopin cc