medium_7859074274Let’s say for example you’ve just checked in to this really cool pub at Foursquare (just like we said you’d do in the last post, right?), you’ve taken a few shots of alcohol and photos with your friends, and you want to give that something extra before you upload it to Foursquare. Instagram!, you think, then suddenly, a part of your brain back-pedals out of that statement. Remember the dealio Instagram had about your photos? Do you want to risk it? Deciding against it, you click out of Instagram, but are left hankering to funkify your photos. What do you do?

Good thing there’s actually quite a number of great apps that allow you to both edit and add effects to your pics, and share them on the world wide Web. Obne of these apps is Pixlr-o-matic. Consider it the mini version of Pixlr Lite, only it still packs a pretty heavy punch in regard to effects and add-ons. Now your pub experience will look 20% cooler!

photo credit: Nuwandalice via photopin cc