10 of the Best Web-Based Mobile Tools

Your small business model is successful but you’re looking for some great ways to enhance your productivity. Rest assured, there’s always a better way to build the proverbial mousetrap. This is especially true as technology continually evolves to make everyone’s life easier.

Here are ten great productivity-enhancing apps for your smartphone.

1. FreeScreenSharing

If you ever need to share your screen with someone, then FastScreenSharing is the app for you. In fact, with this app you can share your screen with as many as 96 people at one time. It also offers a free conference bridge with unlimited meetings.

2. SlideRocket

SlideRocket is similar to PowerPoint. You can produce some high-quality presentations that are also compatible with a smartphone.

3. MarketWire

If you believe in the power of press releases to boost your business, then you should be using MarketWire. It offers numerous distribution channels so you can share the latest hot news about your brand.

4. Bravo Video

If you’re running a business that requires a strong web presence, then you know how important it is to establish credibility. Bravo Video offers a simple means of capturing customer testimonials. The videos can then be embedded on your website.

5. Formstack

You can use Formstack to aggregate information about your website. It enables the user to create specialized forms, integrate different third-party applications, and analyze data. It’s also used for payment process and mass email.

6. WePay

Perhaps you’re one of those business owners who has had a negative experience with PayPal. If that’s the case, then consider trying WePay. It’s basically the same thing as PayPal — except that it’s not PayPal.

7. Harvest Time Tracking

If you’re running a business that bills by the hour, then this app might be a great fit. Harvest Time Tracking enables you to track and analyze the time you spend on specific projects. You can also produce reports and invoices that are easy to distribute to your customers.

8. UserTesting

UserTesting is an app that allows you to “watch” an actual visitor to your website. You can see exactly how long the visitor stays on your site as well as how he or she navigates around it.

9. Google Business Apps

You won’t need to worry about email costs any more because Google Business Apps offers you as many as 10 email accounts for free. The service also provides spam filtering.

10. Google Drive

If you use the aforementioned Google Business Apps, then you’re automatically signed up for a Google Drive account, which is also free. This is basically a cloud solution for mobile devices; it allows you to store your files remotely. This might be one of the most useful and cost-effective smartphone tools available for small businesses.